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You and Your Stupid Mate

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Buddies Jeffrey and Phillip find themselves in trouble when their favorite soap is axed, their unemployment benefits are taken away and a freeway is slated to pass through their trailer park. Together they must try and find a way to save it all before it's too late. I seen some bad reviews for this film but honestly this Australian comedy is now worse and in alot better than some of the U.S. made teen comedies. The cast is great, Angus Sampson and Nathan Philips are both great and bring out the best in their character's and you can't go wrong when you add the beautiful Rachel Hunter to the cast, she makes for some nice eye candy. The film itself is far from perfect but for the most part it keeps a good pace and stays entertainment as I found myself laughing often at some of the actions of these two young men. If your looking for an Oscar film avoid this but if you want something to laugh along with then pick this title up today, it's at least worth the rental price. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. ** * Out Of *****