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Cast: Austin O'Brien, Michelle Acuna

Director: Jared Isham

Genre: Western

Year: 2009


To avoid execution, debt-ridden frontiersman Nate has to raise plenty of cash in a hurry. After capturing a female outlaw with a hefty price on her head, Nate must evade a number of fierce enemies and grapple with growing feelings for his captive.

Westerns are always welcomed and North American Motion Pictures have released a number of them over the last few months. Bounty is certainly a western that plays out like so many of the classics did back in the day. The good vs. evil story is here and there is also a slight hint of a possible romance as well but we never do get it to see take full blown. Jarret LeMaster plays Nate, a outlaw with troubles of his own, the main one being trying to avoid being executed for a debt he owns. His luck seems to be changing when he spies a female outlaw with a high bounty on her head and decides to use her to get himself out of trouble. The problem is he must first break her out of jail which ultimately leads to more problems as a posse is soon on their tail. As an Independent film I thought this was well made, the cinematography,score and settings all were very good and it was hard to tell this was done with limited funds. The cast was very good including Austin O'Brien,Jarret LeMaster, Michelle Acuna as Em, the female outlaw that is wanted but there is a secret past that just may justify her actions. There is plenty of action as well as drama to go along with a pretty well-written story, as familiar as it might seem this is what a good old fashion western is all about and Bounty delivers on the goods keeping you entertained from the opening frames to the climax. If your a fan of westerns or just looking to see some action this should serve up well, Bounty is a western worth picking up this week on DVD. Released by North American Motion Pictures. *** 1/2 Out Of *****