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Lonely Street

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Cast: Joe Mantegna, Robert Patrick, Mike Starr, Katt Williams, Jay Mohr, Nikki Cox, Lindsay Price

Director: Peter Ettinger

Genre: Comedy/Murder/Mystery

Year: 2009


After an elusive celebrity hires na´ve Det. Bubba Mabry to spy on a tabloid journalist, Bubba becomes the prime suspect when the reporter is murdered. If he wants to stay out of jail, he'll have to solve the case fast. Meanwhile, two pesky journalists stay on his tail.

Lonely Street certainly has a lot going for it, this is a very funny comic mystery and I just loved the narration from the lead character, it helped keep your attention but it also provided much of the humor as well. The entire cast is terrific but the two that stand out the most are Jay Mohr, he plays Bubba Mabry, a private detective with jobs that barley pay his rent. This is a character Jay chews up, he got the comic timing to feast on his lines and he makes no mistake in doing so. The other highlight and to me the best part of an already highly entertaining film is Robert Patrick, I have seen many other films and actors that have played Elvis in one way or another but I do not think any have ever done it better. Robert is just fantastic here and lets not forget to give the make-up department tons of credit as well as they did an amazing job bringing the King to life. The rest of the supporting cast including, Lindsay Price,Nikki Cox,Joe Mantegna and Ernie Hudson are all fantastic in their roles as well. This is a film that hits all the right notes on so many levels, as a comedy it is certainly clever and witty,providing a ton laughs along the way and as a detective mystery story it keeps you interested and waiting to see what happens next. It seems a shame this never got a chance in theaters as it is much better and more intelligent than a lot of what goes into shows every week. The film offers a little bit of everything so I believe it will have mass appeal on DVD so I recommend it to anyone looking to watch something good for a change. If you want to have a good time then own this DVD today, it is certainly worth the price and is one movie that should do very well from strong word of mouth. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****