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Killer Bean Forever

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Cast: Vegas E. Trip,David S.J. Guilmette ,Bryan Session,Matthew Tyler

Director: Jeff Lew

Genre: Animation/Action

Year: 2009


It could be any urban jungle in the world. Warehouses full of illegal merchandise, machine gun toting mobsters, and a police force stretched thin. Except that this is Beantown! A world of break dancing, gun-toting bad ass coffee beans, covert bean assassins, slacker mob beans, mercenary bean battalions, and twitching trigger-fingered bean cops! Enter KILLER BEAN the most ruthless, reckless, dazzling coffee bean assassin to ever lay foot in Beantown! In a spectacle of gun wielding artistry and jaw-dropping martial arts, Killer Bean attacks a warehouse full of partying thugs. Mob boss Cappuccino, threatened by the assault on his warehouse, fortifies for retaliation. Detective Cromwell, a lawman obsessed with Cappuccino, is forced to choose between apprehending Killer Bean or encouraging his vigilante agenda. Killer Bean needs no friends and soon finds out that he has none when the covert agency that he works for calls for his death. With wise-cracking bravado, Killer Bean blazes his way through a relentless onslaught of elaborate gun fights and over the top face-offs to the ultimate showdown between himself and a mysterious assassin from the East.

Director, Jeff Lew is a self taught computer animator who has gone on to work on some major Hollywood motion pictures including, X-Men, Matrix Reloaded where he was the lead Animator and most recently he did work work on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as well. That is impressive all by itself but to think this man is self taught is even more mind-blowing. Film-making was something Jeff always wanted to do as a child and after going to College for engineering he decided he was going to pursue his real dream instead so he decided to teach himself animation and create a short film, "Killer Bean: The Interrogation." A three minute short that if nothing else was a very good lesson for him and did get him some what noticed as well. A few years later, working in between Animation jobs for Hollywood on big budget films he decided to do his second short, "Killer Bean 2: The Party." The graphics between the first and this short are very much different and you could tell that he was now beginning to see some real promise here. Jeff then decided he wanted to make a bigger short but after awhile he decided to just go ahead and attempt to make the full-length film, "Killer Bean Forever". I must remind you he went into making this film on very limited funds,five computers and did most of the work all by himself, I am not an expert in Animation but I got to say I first thought this man was either insane or a genius in the end I would have to go with genius. I first seen a trailer online for Killer Bean Forever and decided to email Jeff about receiving a copy and he was kind enough to send one along. I was pretty excited to watch the entire film as the footage I seen up till then blew me away and even more so knowing how he got this film made. Last night I sat down to watch it with my daughter and I have to say it was not only entertaining but it was even better than I expected. Right from the opening frames the action begins and it never really lets up till the final frame. I loved the slo-mo, Matrix style scenes, but there was something here I wasn't expecting much of. A story, I was expecting pretty much brainless fun here and yes that is here as well but there is also a good story with characters you get to know and even have feelings about, some you will like and root for while others you will hate. Yes I know these are beans we are talking about but the story was well-written and the film had clever and witty dialogue that kept me laughing till the end. Among all the big Hollywood Animated films out there here sits this little Independent film, "Killer Bean Forever", this film amazed me on many levels considering its background and how it finally came to be but even judging it strictly on quality it ranks high, a gem of a film that I highly recommend to any lover of animation. Jeff did mention in his "Making Of" on the DVD that next time he would like to make things better, I will not go into that because there is plenty of fantastic extras that come with the Special Killer Edition DVD and I am not going to ruin any of it here. I hope to see more Independent work from Mr. Lew and if Hollywood is smart they will be keeping this young man busy for years to come. Killer Bean Forever:Special Killer Edition DVD comes packed with Special Features that include: The 85 minute animated feature film: Killer Bean Forever

Director/Producer commentary

CG Animator commentary

"The Making Of" Featurette - 1 hour and 28 minutes long

Alternate action sequences - I played around with lots of different action scene ideas. These are all in previs form.

Deleted scenes - a couple scenes that I thought were cool, but didn't make the final cut. These are in previs form.

Lost Killer Bean 3 footage - an action sequence that was created well before the real movie production. I never released this to the public.

Voice Recording Sessions

Killer Bean Forever trailers 1 & 2

Killer Bean 1 & 2 with audio commentaries

You can order the DVD at the Official web site HERE

Released by Killer Bean Studios LLC. ***** Out Of *****

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