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For Sale By Owner

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Cast: Tom Skerritt, Rachel Nichols, Kris Kristofferson

Director: Robert J. Wilson

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Year: 2009


Will Custis is a young architect that restores homes for a living, one day he spots an ad for an old farm house old sale near in Chesapeake Bay. Curious he goes to talk to the owner about buying it and he falls in love with it at first sight. Problems soon follow after, for starters he is told he owner he met has been dead for several years and he also begins seeing things and has visions of incidents that might have happened in the past. It seems these events took place at the Lost Colony, could the legend be true and if so why is Will having these visions, does his family tree trace back that far?

I was interested in reviewing this film from the time I seen the cast listing, anytime you have Tom Skerritt and Kris Kristofferson in a film it has to be worth seeing. Neither man disappoints but Kris has a very small role so do not expect to see him for very long. The film also stars,Rachel Nichols who plays Will's soon to be bride. This woman is simply gorgeous to look at, she lights up the screen in every scene she is in, plus her acting is just as impressive. Will is played by, Scott Cooper, he does a great job playing a character that goes through many mental changes as the movie moves along, the house begins to take effect on his sanity or at least it would seem so. Skeet Ulrich also has a small but very cool role in the movie as well. The story moves along slow but deliberate. There is a feeling of suspense and mystery about that brings you to the edge of your seat, dying to know how this is going to end. For Sale By Owner is listed as a Psychological Thriller but it also has a little horror element to it as well and it does provide a few nice "jumps" along the way. The film to me was filled with mystery, why is Will having these episodes? Why is he the only one hearing and seeing things? These are all part of the master plan created by Writer,Scott Cooper and Director,Robert J. Wilson who only has one other film credit in that department to his name but he did a great job here keeping the tension high. I was quickly drawn into Will's world and stayed there the entire time right next to him, feeling his every emotion. This is a thriller that grabs a hold of you right from the start and has you hanging on to your seat till the final and shocking frame. If you are looking for something that is clever and original and one that keeps you thinking then I highly recommend you marking 10/27 on your calendars and picking this haunting masterpiece up on DVD. Monarch Home Video is one of the few Independent Studios that comes up with quality releases time after time. Released by Monarch Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****