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Leaving Barstow

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Cast: Steven Culp, Michelle Clunie, Ryan Carnes, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Kevin Sheridan

Director: Peter Paige

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009


Growing up in Barstow, CA, high school senior, Andrew, hopes for a bigger world but his devotion to his mother, Sandra, and his awakening attraction to newcomer, Jenny, combine to keep him tied to home. Andrew s loyalties become confused and his prior ambitions begin to fade as he realizes he must make the most difficult of choices between himself and the people he loves.

There are many types of movies, some entertain by making us laugh while others do so by scaring us but there are others as well. Leaving Barstow fits in the "other" category because this entertains us in a way not many do. There is something to be said about a film that touches your heart and this one does that and more. This is about a boy with dreams of a better life for himself but is stuck in a small town with not much of a future at all but he is there for his mom, he doesn't want to leave her. Andrew is someone we all have been at some point in our lives and that is what made this film so good. The story is simple but told in a personal way so it touches everyone that experiences it. The characters are real and you feel for each and everyone of them in one way or another. There is not much to complain about here, the cast is top-notch, the cinematography is breath-taking and the score is perfect. Also for a drama the pace is very good and the story never once leaves you bored. Flicks like Leaving Barstow are best seen and not really told about because no matter what might be said about them you have to see it to really feel its impact and this is one of those movies. I have seen a number of fantastic Independent flick in the drama genre recently and Leaving Barstow just adds to that list. A winner at film festivals around the country and for good reason, pick up this fantastic film today and be touched like I was. Released by Osiris Entertainment. **** Out Of *****