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Hollywood Kills

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Cast: Dominic Keating, Zack Ward, Todd Duffey, and Gillian Shure

Director: Sven Pape

Genre: Horror

Year: 2009


James Dell and Vaughn Mason, two straight-shooting Texas cousins, arrive in Hollywood to visit Sarah Dell, James younger sister who moved to Hollywood in an effort to start her screenwriting career. Vaughn becomes instantly smitten with Saraha's roommate Chantelle Sholay, a beautiful bombshell unafraid of sleeping her way into a leading role. While out for a night on the town, the foursome's path crosses two young Hollywood players, Ken Vincent and Nate Folds, who promise to let them in on a secret and elite Hollywood club. What they don't know is that both Ken and Nate are in the employ of Francis Fenway, whose rampant ego and narcissism led him to create a new breed of film making, horror reality, and has lined up James, Sarah, Vaughn and Chantelle as his next four stars/victims. They also don't know that confessing their Hollywood dreams to Fenway would be used to determine their eventual torture.

This was a pretty good if not straight forward "Torture" horror flick much like "Saw" or "Hostile". Many of you out there might easily call this a rip-off but there were many films like this was before "Saw" even came out so you take it for what it is. Hollywood Kills got some good things going for it, first off the cast are all very good and do a nice job playing out their characters even if they are not very well developed. One thing is for sure it is very similar to those films mentioned above but this never attempts to be anything more than it is, a straight forward, torture film that provides a lot in the way of shock value. I cannot say I was ever spooked here as this is not that kind of film, but it does get under your skin with its gruesome scenes. There is plenty of blood spilled and some very cool methods of torture are used. If you do not have the stomach for this sort of horror flick then pass this one up but if you like this sub-genre then I recommend giving this a shot. Hollywood Kills delivers on what it promises and keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see who if any escape from the clutches of these mad men. I thought this held up well and had a very fast pace to it and it provided all the right elements needed to become a favorite of DVD. Pick this horror flick up today and give it a chance. Released by Osiris Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out of *****