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Race to Witch Mountain

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Cast: Carla Gugino, AnnaSophia Robb, Rock, Alexander Ludwig, Cheech Marin, Garry Marshall, Ciaran Hinds, Tom Everett Scott, Chris Marquette

Director: Andy Fickman

Genre: Action/Adventure, Family, Adventure

Year: 2009


Two extraordinarily gifted siblings find themselves on the run from a dark organization seeking to exploit their paranormal abilities in this remake of the beloved Disney classic Escape to Witch Mountain. Meanwhile, a helpful cab driver and a UFO specialist try to keep the kids safe.

Many of you out there might be skeptical of this remake if you have seen the original "Witch Mountain" movies and I suppose for good reason but if taken for what it is I think in the end you will find this to be a pleasant surprise. For starters I like Dwayne Johnson as an actor seems to do well in family-oriented movies and this one is no exception. He does a very good job playing the cab drive drawn into helping the two aliens get back home before it is too late. What makes him so good I think is he got great comedic timing and he can also handle action scenes very well. As for the rest of the cast, AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig both were great as the young kids who enter his cab and turn his life upside down. I am not a big fan of remakes of any kind but lets face it Hollywood is certainly making a lot of them these days but I did find this film to be great family fun. The film contains everything that it needs to make this a fun flick, there is plenty of laughs, very good special effects and tons of action along the way as well. I seen a lot of negative comments about this film when it opened in theaters but to be honest I think they were only because it was a remake. Race to Witch Mountain is a film the kids and yourself will have a good time watching together, there is enough in it to appeal to those that enjoyed the older movies and it is fresh enough and more "today" to keep the young ones happy as well. The story is not without flaws that is for sure but the film never takes itself too serious and for the most part this is solid entertainment that the entire family can sit down to and enjoy together. Also Dwayne Johnson seems to be fitting into family fare very well which is good to see. I have to recommend this to anyone looking for some entertainment they don't have to think much about and this is a must own for those of you with kids. The Race to Witch Mountain I received contained the BLU-Ray,DVD plus a Digital Copy as well. Plus the special Features include:

Inclusive to BLU-Ray-"Witch Mountain"?-Discover Hidden References to the Original Film

Deleted Scenes


Released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

**** Out Of *****