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The Land that Time Forgot

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Cast:C. Thomas Howell, Timothy Bottoms

Director: C. Thomas Howell

Genre:Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Year: 2009


When survivors of a shipwreck wash ashore on a mysterious island, they soon find themselves fighting for their lives against rampaging dinosaurs, a hostile German U-boat crew and other castaways from different eras in history. As they puzzle over how time expands and contracts on the island, the survivors must work together if they hope to escape.

C. Thomas Howell is back with another movie in which he acts and directs in for The Asylum, he is quickly becoming not only a regular but a favorite of min as well. This time around they visit, The Land that Time Forgot, I have to admit I did go see "The Land of The Lost" and was very disappointed over-all so I am happy to say I thought The Asylum's film was much better in case anyone out there wants to compare but since they are two completely different movies I see no reason so get over it. Now lets get the movie, it starts off very promising as the couple are on a ship when something strange happens and before they know it they awake and find they're not where they are suppose to be. They spot a Island but once they go ashore they find out they are in big trouble. As far as the acting goes the cast is great including Mr. Howell and the always amazing Timothy Bottoms, it is nice to see him again in a movie. The supporting cast were all very good as well. The film's settings and camera work was excellent, you really felt like you was on an Island in the middle of nowhere. The effects are always a touchy subject with most people but over-all I got to say they were pretty good, there was a few times when the dinosaur looked cartoony but considering the budget here I got to say they did the job. The story was simple but it had a very good pace and there was always some action happening so you never have a chance to get bored. The ending was very good and it was left open for a sequel if you want to do one. Over-all I felt this was a good movie that was done very well considering the amount of effects used, certainly not their best movie but highly entertaining none the less. If you enjoyed The Asylum's movies in the past or just like a good Fantasy adventure like this then I recommend picking this up and I hope to see C. Thomas Howell back soon as well. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****