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The Truth About Average Guys

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Cast:Ken Gayton,Jason Schaver,Erika Walter,Adam Breske,Alyssa Roehrenbeck,Esther Claire

Director: Ken Gayton,Jason Schaver


Year: 2009


Jason has a thing for his fellow worker,Katie but she doesn't seem to notice him much and his insecurity isn't helping much. After finding out that her sister is mentally challenged he gets his friend, Troy, who is a wannabe actor to pose as a his mentally challenged brother so he can get to know Katie better. At first the plan works to perfection but can they keep the secret hidden forever?

This film won "best comedy", "best actress", and "best of festival" at the 2009 Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan, Oklahoma. After watching this film today I can see why, made for only $5000 this is a cleverly written comedy that delivers big time on laughs. I know there has been other comedies like this before with the sex jokes and all but none of them come close to being as good as this. The film took 7 years to get made going through many changes along the way but in the end Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver took over the writing and directing chores as well as being the two main leads. These two young men got more talent than half of Hollywood and they did a fantastic job at creating a comedy that has characters you feel for, how many other comedies can stake that claim? The film looks great for being done on such a small budget and the jokes had me damn near rolling on the floor in laughter. The lead actress who plays Katie, Erika Walter, is so talented. She did an excellent job in the film and had great chemistry with whoever she was onscreen with at the time. The film is simply hilarious and Jason Schaver was fantastic playing a mentally challenged person, the film doesn't poke fun at people with disabilities but instead at the character trying to play one which leads to so many funny moments I stopped counted after the first 15 minutes. You can say this is a ripoff of the Hollywood comedy "The Ringer" but the suits in Hollywood do not have the creativity or the guts to create such a daring and ingenious comedy. I not only support Independent Cinema but I am a huge fan of it and I got to say as far as comedy goes this is one of the best I have seen in a very long time, I never laughed so hard. I recommend going to their web site HERE and buy the DVD, it comes loaded with Special Features including:

Commentary by Jason Schaver and Ken Gayton

Alternate Ending

7+ Minutes of Hilarious Bloopers

The History of TTAAG: From The Beginning Featurette

Adjusted Gratuity Sketch-Date Me & Save $40

Please support these talented film-makers so hopefully we will see more projects from them in the near future. I am off to watch this great flick again, it is that good. Released by Adjusted Gratuity/0-2 Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****