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West of Brooklyn

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Cast:Ronnie Marmo, Joe Montegna, Natalia Livingston, and Balthazar Getty

Director: Danny Cistone


Year: 2009


West of Brooklyn takes us on a heartfelt and often humorous journey from Brooklyn, New York to Hollywood, California. Sebi is a young Italian American man, a simple street kid and a secret beat poet, who after the death of his mother escapes Brooklyn to join his crew of friends who recently relocated to L.A.

West of Brooklyn is one of those rare films, in fact it is so rare and special that I really hate to give any of the plot details away besides what is written above as I think this is a film that must be seen to really feel the impact it has. Actor, Ronnie Marmo not only plays Sebi in the lead role but he also wrote the film as well and he has created a story so touching that it not only had me laughing and smiling but I found myself crying as well. This is a film about friendship, the pain of losing someone and love and it is filled with real characters you not only can relate to but ones you care about as well. The film is about Sebi, a young beat Poet who after the death of his mother follows his friends to L.A. to start a new life but after being there he feels out of place, like he just doesn't belong. That is until he meets Natty, a beautiful young woman that steals his heart. Natty is played by the talented and gorgeous, Natalia Livingston who is just perfect in this film. The entire cast did a terrific job and they all had great chemistry together, it certainly looks like they had a great time making this film and it helps create a bond with the audience. I got to say this is a fantastic Independent film that reminds you just how great cinema can be. I have had the pleasure of seeing some very good films this year thanks to the support I receive but West of Brooklyn ranks among the best. Hollywood needs to take notice of this young,great talents here. I rarely get drawn into a movie like I did this film, it pulls you in from its opening frames and it puts you along side these wonderful characters, making you a part of their lives. You feel every emotion they are going through as they try and find their way in life. I hope I did the film justice here without giving away too much but to be honest it must be seen to be appreciated. It is too bad this didn't get a wide release in theaters as I think it is a film audiences would cherish and with strong word of mouth this could of done very well. If you were not able to catch this when it had a limited run in select theaters then I highly recommend you mark August 18th down and remember to pick this great film up on DVD. I cannot express enough how fantastic all involved were and how touching the story was, this is a fantastic job all around and I certainly will be keeping an eye out for future work from all involved. Released by Osiris Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****