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Garfield's Pet Force

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Cast:Garfield and Friends

Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé


Year: 2009


When an alien menace and her army of undead minions threaten to enslave the world and worse, disrupt Garfield's cookout the courageous cat shakes off his lethargy and heads up a team of comic-strip superheroes to save the day. But when the going gets tough and his pals are imperiled by the otherworldly forces, will Garfield prove he's up to the challenge or is it too late for the well-fed feline to change his slothful stripes?

We all know the famous fat cat as one that sleeps and eats a lot but this time around he is asked to help save the universe the only way Garfield can. Garfield's Pet Force is about a comic strip of Garzooka (a super hero who looks like Garfield) which somehow came to cartoon land and needed the help of Garfield, Nermal and Odie. Nermal and Odie are excited about the chance to become superheroes but Garfield doesn't want to be involved as he thinks it will be way too much work for him. But after finding out his friends are in trouble he decides to suit up and take control. Like all of them, this Garfield is aimed towards children but to be honest I really enjoyed this one as well and felt it was the best one out of the last three that have been released. I like the superhero take and the feline taking some action for a change. The the animation is excellent and there is plenty of laughs and action along the way. If you have children then this is a must own but even if you don't and are a fan of comics or superheroes or even just a fan of Garfield then I highly recommend picking this up as I found it to be Out-Of-This-World Fun!! The DVD comes packed with extras including Trailers and the Interactive Game: Professor Wallys Moscrambulator Game. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****