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The Final Patient

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Thriller NR. When retired physician Daniel Green (Bill Cobbs, Night at the Museum) lifts a 5-ton farm tractor off a boy trapped beneath, the enigma of his supernatural strength piques the curiosity of two med students passing through town. Visiting the old doctor at his isolated farmhouse, they soon learn his bizarre secret: he has uncovered the key to eternal youth. But sometimes the lust for immortality has deadly consequences. The night takes a twisted turn as the young men discover Dr. Green's "miracle" has come with a horrifying price…and a fate far worse than growing old. The Final Patient is a good example how a good movie can be made on a low budget, it shows that what makes a good film is a well written script and good acting. This film has both, the movie is suspenseful and at times scary and it even has a little humor thrown in to lighten the mood at times. The cast is terrific, Bill Cobbs, Alex Feldman, and Jason Scott Campbell have great chemistry together and that was a very important part to making this film work as there is alot of interacting between these three main leads. The film slowly builds to a shocking ending giving clues away as it moves along but still you are not prepared and are as shocked as you are delighted at seeing such a well made film. If you like the genre then this is a must own dvd. The disc comes with bonus features that include:

Available Subtitles: Spanish

Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (DTS 5.1)

Commentary by: directorDolby Digital 2.0

Behind the scenes: staging & effects

Behind the faces: prosthetics & makeup

The beginning & end: from storyboard to editing

Deleted scenes

Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****