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Bundy: A Legacy of Evil

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Cast:Corin Nemic,Kane Hodder

Director: Michael Feifer


Year: 2009


Based on the true story of Ted Bundy, the serial killer who horrified America in the 1970s by slaughtering women across the country, this drama traces the life of the "charming" psychopath. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, Bundy goes on a four-year killing spree. He escapes twice from custody before his final capture and eventual execution.

This is another in a long line of movies about the serial killer, Ted Bundy. Many of you out there might find this to be unnecessary or boring but this one does have some good things going for it that many of the others didn't have. As the film opens Bundy is in prison waiting as his time nears to take his last walk to the electric chair, the warden comes to visit him and leaves after handing him a cassette player so he can confess more or leave his final thoughts I suppose. This is a very good start and right away it grabs your attention, the film then begins when Bundy was a little boy at home and the problems that went on in the home that maybe or maybe not helped make him what he became. After that it skips to high school and beyond as he begins his killing rampage. The acting for the most part I thought was very good considering this is a low budget film, Corin Nemec did a great job playing Bundy and his mood changes, Kane Hodder was also very good as well as the Warden. Hodder will never win any awards for acting but in this limited role I felt he did some of his acting. Earlier I said this offered up a few things the others didn't have and one of the main things is that this is one of the more accurate films, not completely but it stayed pretty close to what really happened. Many times it is just too easy to add other plot details in order to make the film more interesting so I give credit to Writer/Director, Michael Feifer for sticking to the facts. The film is disturbing and it does contain lots of violence, some off-screen but there is some gore along the way as well so be warned. I guess no one really knows what causes people to turn in killers like this, Bundy seemed like an intelligent man that worked well with people, at least at first. I would think his terrible childhood had alot to do with it but there are many people that don't have a good up bringing and don't go around killing people but everyone is different and we all handle things in our own way. If you like true stories like this or want to look into the details on Bundy a little more then this is a good film for that. I did enjoy it as I was expecting a film that just didn't care about story and was out to be just another slasher film. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Director's Commentary

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Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. *** Out Of *****