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Cast:Simeon Willis,Sandra Dickinson,Simon Cathcart,Martin Bayfield

Director: Simon Cathcart


Year: 2007


Expecting a raucous bachelor weekend for soon-to-be-wed Brian, 10 buddies and paintball team members take off for the country. But Happy Valley Paintball Park manager Fay has a more malevolent celebration in mind. As the partying commences, she tricks the guys into summoning an ancient, homicidal guardian knight -- whose weekend goal is to impale each of them on his huge sword.

Stagkinght is a low-budget, Independent British Horror/Comedy that could of come from the 70's or the 80's. Sure the film is cheesy and lacks any kind of character or even a real plot but if your looking for those things you picked the wrong film to begin with. This is Director, Simon Cathcart's first feature film and considering that it has a low budget I felt he did a fantastic job here, he also stars in the film as well. This is a pretty talented man indeed and I look forward to seeing more work from him in the future. The film is about a group of friends that go into the woods for a bachelor party but there are others that have more demonic plans, it seems they want to bring back to life a demon known as Stagknight and after they are successful is when the true fun begins. The film never takes itself serious which is why no one else should either, this is just good fun with plenty of laughs,nude women and gore. The gore is something a horror buff will love, there is a scene where a guy gets his head punched through a tree, very messy indeed but effective none the less. I got to say that this was what I expected and much more, it delivers big time on both humor and blood and it had my emotions running wild. I recommend this to any fan of horror who is just looking for a good time. This is a great flick to watch with some friends and some of your favorite drinks and be prepared to leave your brain at the door. For a low-budget British horror flick this was well done from the fast pace to the effects and down to the cast I thought it was a highly entertaining film and one that is sure to leave you wanting more. Released by Osiris Entertainment. **** Out Of *****