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Transmorphers: Fall of Man

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Cast:Bruce Boxleitner, Jennifer Rubin,Shane Van Dyke

Director: Scott Wheeler


Year: 2009


Planet Earth is in peril thanks to a rogue army of alien robots, and it's up to a small group of humans to mount a crippling counterattack. Can Sheriff Hadley Ryan, a doctor and an ex-Marine find the automatons' Achilles' heel before they succeed in annihilating civilization?

The first Transmorphers film was not one of the The Asylum's best movies, not for lack of effort its just that I think they tried too hard the first time around and the limited budget in the end was their doom. This time around they make it more like their "War of The Worlds" and it pays off. The cast is a good one, for starters you have the return of Bruce Boxleitner as the older cop and Jennifer Rubin, wow it was nice to see Jennifer and those beautiful eyes again:) The cast also includes Shane Van Dyke,Grandson of Dick Van Dyke. I thought he did a fine job as well playing the main lead and carried himself well in the action scenes as well. I know all about the "haters", those of you that bash The Asylum before you even seen the film but I do have to say this is a much better film than the first one in every way. The story is simple but it got a fast pace to it and there is plenty of action to keep you enteertained. Also a Sci-Fi is not complete without special effects and for the limited resources at hand I felt these were some of the best I have seen in an Asylum film, at least to date. I don't think I am alone when I say I wish they would get back to doing some of their horror movies, after all I think they were what made us fans of the studio in the first place. But until then we will have some more "Tie-In" movies coming and I for one look forward to seeing them. Transmorphers: Fall of Man is a well done action-packed Sci-Fi filled with some excellent effects and a cast that delivers. If you like the genre I recommend picking this up and with an open-mind give it a watch, I am sure you will find it as entertaining as I did. The DVD comes with some nice Special Features including:

The Making of Transmorphers: Fall of Man


Deleted Scenes

Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****