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Cast:Michael Tisdale, Laura Heisler

Director: Jef Taylor


Year: 2009


The events and subsequent media coverage of September 11th, 2001 create a sexual obsession that threatens to destroy a relationship.

David and Lynn seemed to be a happy couple until 9/11 2001, the most tragic day in our history soon turned their lives upside down. It started when David lost his job and things got worse when he began to have an obsession with the constant footage of the events being shown on Television over and over again and it created a sexual obsession as well that is tearing the couple apart. I did notice the media and their own obsession on that tragic day and beyond with their of playing the same footage over and over again and I can see how someone like David could get caught up in it as I am sure it effected everyone of us in some way. This Short Film shows us the media frenzy and their affect it had on this ordinary couple and how it slowly was tearing them apart. I would of like to have seen this idea expanded into a full length feature film so we could see more of how Lynn and David coped with this new problem in their lives. Director Jef Taylor has won several awards for this film like the Best Director Award at Visionfest, 2009. He seems to have great vision and creativity and is someone I certainly will be keeping an eye on as far as future projects go. "Coverage" is a tense drama that examines not only the media during times of tragedy but also the human psyche as well. I recommend catching this film if you get a chance as it is a powerful and thought-provoking piece of cinema that leaves you thinking and talking about long after it is over. Released by MBD Productions. ***** Out Of *****