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A Christmas Family Tragedy:Legends of the 1929 Lawson Family Murders

Documentary NR. On Christmas Day 1929 respected tobacco farmer Charlie Lawson brutally murdered his wife and 6 of his 7 children before committing suicide; one of the most horrible and mysterious mass murders in North Carolina history. Let me first say that what started out as what I thought would be an interesting film about that tragic day in 1929 quickly became a horrific re-creation of the events leading up to the day the murders took place and beyond while residents and family still try to understand why this man that was looked upon in high regard could commit such a violent act. Also this film took me back a few years when I lost a friend to domestic violence and I can honestly say that I could not fall asleep real well after watching this film. Yes it is graphic, it can't help but be and tell the truth of what had happened and shed light on a problem that is still in our neighbors today no matter where you live. I will not talk much about the details of these events because this is best served seeing it and not being told by someone but I will say that my the reason Charles Lawson murdered his wife and 6 of his kids is not as important now as trying to get awareness on the problems of domestic violence and stopping another tragedy like this one. The makers of this film, Eric Calhoun,Matt Hodges and everyone else that worked on this film deserve all the credit in the world to bringing this to light and donated a percentage of it's profits to local and state domestic violence agencies to again try to help someone else in danger. There's many unanswered questions as to well this happen and again I don't think going into those details here will be as good as you picking up this dvd and seeing it for yourself. You can visit the official web site Here to order the dvd and don't forget to drop by the forums as well. This project was a noble one and I hope a great beginning to fighting a problem that has been ignored for too long. Released by Break Of Dawn Productions. ***** Out Of *****