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Everybody Dies

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Cast: Charis Michelsen, Sergio D'Amato

Director: Josh Evans


Year: 2007


After quickly establishing a deep connection with tough-talking hooker Nina, his latest target, hardened hit man Jake chooses to spare her life. As they frantically flee from merciless enemies, the desperate couple discovers death at every turn.

Everybody Dies is a low-budget Indy flick from Director, Josh Evans. The film is split into multiple time frames, each one gets a little longer which fills in the information you need to make the movie make sense. I did like the idea here but felt it tried too hard and it made the audience more confused by doing so. There is one other big problem in the film and it is actor, Sergio D’Amato's English or lack of. There were many times during the movie I had to rewind the DVD a little to try and understand what he was saying and this is the major problem the film has because he is one of the lead actors in the movie. I did like several things the film had to offer, one being I thought most of the cast did a terrific job considering the material they had to work with here. There was also some very nice cinematography as well. The action wasn't the best but for what the film is I didn't expect a classic here so the action to me was good as well. The movies biggest downfall besides the lead actor is the story which is just too mixed up and it confuses you which is never a good thing in a action flick. If your looking for something different you might want to pick this up but if not I think there is plenty other action flicks out there you can watch. Everybody Dies was a disappointment for sure but I still found certain parts of the film to be enjoyable and I have seen worse movies in the past. Released by Image Entertainment. ** Out Of *****