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War Wolves

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Cast:John Saxon,John Gabriel,Michael Worth,Tim Thomerson,Adrienne Barbeau

Director: Michael Worth


Year: 2009


Fresh from the battlefields of the Middle East, vet Jake Gabriel faces a new enemy as he struggles to suppress the werewolf within after having been cursed with lycanthropy during a gunfight. John Saxon plays a commander sent to the States to apprehend Gabriel before he can infect others -- little knowing that a trio of female soldiers from Gabriel's unit is already pursuing the wolf man for a very different reason.

When it comes to any Sci-Fi Channel flick most people are quick to give them a negative review but to me honest after seeing so many of them you have to wonder when these people are either going to get a clue as to what they are watching or just learn to avoid them because it makes no sense bashing everyone of them. The film like any other low budget effort has limitations that show up in the final product and War Wolves is no exception to that. What I liked right away here was the cast, it was great to see three veterans like, John Saxon,Tim Thomerson and Adrienne Barbeau back in a movie even if it is a made for TV flick. Also Actor Michael Worth not only plays the role of Gabriel but he also directs the film as well and considering the budget here I felt he did a good job at keeping the moving at a good pace and the energy and excitement up. The one let down in the film was the lack of any real special effects, the characters never change into a werewolf as we know them instead you only get pointy ears and a knob type nose as well as fangs but that is the extend of them. The film features some Matrix-style fight scenes too which are pretty cool. War Wolves kinda falls in the middle as far as Sci-Fi Channel movies go. I have seen better and worse from them that is for sure.In in the end I felt this was well-written with a great cast and lots of action so the film was never boring. I recommend this to any fan of action or if your just looking for something light to pass the time this is a good one for that. War Wolves delivers on what it promises and a little more making it a enjoyable flick as well as something different. Released by Monarch Video. *** Out Of *****.