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The Hitchhiker:Unrated Director's Cut

Horror Unrated. A group of women on a road trip to Las Vegas pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a sadistic killer. Wow it's great to see another film from writer,director Leigh Scott and the cast at The Asylum. I like so many enjoyed the original Hitcher with Rutger Hauer years ago so when I heard they were remaking it for the big screen I felt sick, now I did not see the remake but after watching this movie I can this is what it should of been, a in-your-face, gut-wrenching film that''s both suspenseful and scary. Jeff Denton has played both the nice guy and the bad guy in Asylum film's and played them well but here he is perfect and the women are all great as well, Sarah Lieving is mazing and beautiful, I could not take my eyes off her the whole time she was on screen. The rest of the cast including Jaci Twiss,Shaley Scott and Jessica Bork we're all great and really made their character's believable. This may be a little too graphic for many but hell it's an Asylum film remember that they don't pull any punches when making a horror film and I give em two thumbs up for that. With all the garbage in theater's today it's refreshing to see someone is pouring their heart out for what they love doing and here it shows. The DVD comes with a making of,music videos,bloopers and more making this film a must own for any fan of the genre. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****