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Table for Three

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Cast:Sophia Bush, Jennifer Morrison, Brandon Routh, Jesse Bradford, Johnny Galecki

Director: Michael Samonek


Year: 2009


When an unexpected breakup leaves him newly single and lonely, Scott Teller (Brandon Routh) invites perfect couple Ryan (Jesse Bradford) and Mary (Sophia Bush) to share his apartment. Big mistake. Before long, Scott's quiet life is consumed by chaos when Ryan and Mary's true colors are revealed, and the perfect couple transform into the roommates from hell.

Table for Three is certainly not the best comedy of the year and it will never win any major awards but there is something about this adult-comedy that I enjoyed. This is the first time I have seen Brandon Routh in a lead role since “Superman Returns.”. That is kinda hard to believe but I guess the actor took a lot of blame for the film not doing so well, at least it would seem that way. Brandon takes a completely different role here and I think even if this doesn't have a major budget to it that it was a good choice for him as far as showing what other acting talents he has and he does a fine job here. Sophia Bush plays one half of what seems like is the perfect couple that Scott invites into his world, big mistake. Sophia Bush is a beautiful woman and in this film she shows the great acting skills she has as well, she simply steals every scene she is in and that is saying a lot because I felt every actor in the film did a fine job. The film itself could of been better had the direction and writing been more consistent but with all the sub-par comedies that go into theaters today I think this STV release stands up against those pretty well. Like I stated before this is an adult comedy that has a lot of sex jokes in it so beware of that, the jokes begin to become a little old as the film moves along but I got to say there was plenty of laughs for me along the way. At first the story itself seems a bit creepy but after you settle into it then it doesn't seem all that crazy and at least it is different from the normal comedies coming out. There has certainly been better comedy films out but Table for Three over comes the flaws it has with some very funny moments and a cast that delivers big time. If you enjoy a good comedy or are just looking for something light to watch then I recommend picking this up today. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****