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Simon Says

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Cast:Crispin Glover, Ernie Lively, Lori Lively, and Robyn Lively

Director: William Dear


Year: 2006


When five college pals head into the wilderness for a little rest and relaxation, they run headlong into Simon and Stanley, backwoods twin brothers with a fondness for booby traps rigged with flying pickaxes. Now, the teens must claw their way out of the woods without springing one of the brothers' ingeniously lethal snares.

There are a few things surrounding this slasher film I cannot understand, one is how could such a fun flick of the horror genre not get a U.S. release since 2006? Odd yes and you will agree once you get to see this film this week as it finally makes it to home video. Second is I seen some very negative reviews on this film and I assume those people were expecting something very different from what they got here, Simon Says is a slasher film with its tongue firmly in cheek, so if you just do not "get" it I suggest you move on now but never once does this film take itself serious why should its audience? The film is about Simon & Stanley, two redneck twin brothers that take pleasure in killing people, Crispin Glover takes on the role of playing both brothers and I got to say for starters it is hard to find anyone more suitable to play a crazed killer today than Crispin, this man is simply an unsung hero in the horror genre and a delight to watch. Simon and his twisted brother terrorize a van full of empty-headed teenagers on their camping trip in the woods. The characters of the young teenagers are as empty as theirs heads but again that is half the fun here, there is no having to think here just sit back and let the gore begin. While the teenagers enjoy their sex and soft-drugs Simon and Stanley begin their assault, picking them off one by one, there is some of the most ingenious ways of killing in this film I have seen since the original "Final Destination". If your looking for something deep and meaningful watch something else but if you want an 80's style horror flick that has plenty of screams,laughs and blood then Simon Says is a must see. I have not had this much fun losing myself inside a horror flick in some time. If your a horror buff then you owe it to yourself to not only see but own this film on DVD this week. A great films to watch at night with a bunch of friends, popcorn and the drink of choice....pure entertainment.The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Director's Commentary

Storyboard Comparisons

Stills Gallery

Widescreen Presentation

English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio

Released by Lions Gate. **** Out Of *****