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The Pink Panther 2

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Cast: Steve Martin,Jean Reno,Emily Mortimer,Andy Garcia,Alfred Molina,Yuki Matsuzaki,Aishwarya Rai,John Cleese,Lily Tomlin

Director:Harold Zwart


Year: 2009


Everybody's favorite blundering detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin), is back in another antic-filled caper. This time, Clouseau joins a team of equally incompetent detectives to foil a thief from heisting historical artifacts. But is this bumbling crew able to keep pace with their nimble quarry?

I have to admit I am not a fan of remakes or even sequels for that matter and it seems Hollywood is pretty much out of ideas for original material anymore. You are going to have a very hard time replacing Peter Sellers who made this role famous for so many years but I am also a huge fan of Steve Martin and feel he is one of the most under-rated actors today that is also a great writer and musician. That all said I did enjoy the modern twist of the first film so I was looking forward to sitting down to this sequel expecting nothing more than a lot of the same bumbling fun you get with a Pink Panther film. Steve Martin's take on the classic role is fantastic, I think only he could pull this off as he is one of the best physical actors ever and he has great comedic timing that is so important here. Jeno Reno is back as well as his side kick, I do not think there is anyone out there that doesn't love this guy and him and Martin have great chemistry together as well. The film brings a few new characters in with an outstanding cast including, Andy Garcia and the beautiful Aishwarya Rai. The film is fast paced and funny from beginning to end and the cast is incredible. The script is simple yet funny and smart, I enjoyed how they had Inspector Jacques Clouseau figure out who the bad guy was at the end. The film did poorly in theaters and that is a shame cause it most likely means that the chance of seeing anymore films is highly unlikely and that is too bad because I think this is not only a great homage to Peter Sellers but it has been a very entertaining couple films. If you enjoy something light and fun that the entire family can sit down to and enjoy then I recommend picking up this hilarious comedy today. The Two-Disc DVD Specs Include:

The Pink Panther 2 DVD release features the theatrical version of the film presented in widescreen format with English 5.1 Dolby Surround and Spanish/French Dolby Surround with English and Spanish subtitles.

Bonus features include:

Disc One

Theatrical version of The Pink Panther 2

Disc Two

Bonus disc featuring 27 Pink Panther cartoons oThe Pink Phink 1964 Academy-Award winner for Short Subjects, Animated Films

Pink Pajamas

We Give Pink Stamps

Dial P For Pink

Sink Pink

Pickled Pink


Shocking Pink

Pink Ice

The Pink Tail Fly

Pink Panzer

An Ounce of Pink

Reel Pink

Bully For Pink

Pink Punch

Pink Pistons

Vitamin Pink

The Pink Blue Print

Pink, Plunk, Plink

Smile Pretty, Say Pink


Genie With The Light Pink Fur

Super Pink

Rock A Bye Pinky


Pink Panic

Pink Posies

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****