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The Sender

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Cast: Michael Madsen, R. Lee Ermey, Robert Vaughn, Shelli Lether, Brian Bloom, Steven Williams, Dyan Cannon

Director: Richard Pepin

Genre:Action | Sci-Fi

Year: 1998


A psychic father and daughter band together with an "angel" in an attempt to save Earth from an extraterrestrial Armageddon. This suspenseful thriller ties together strange occurrences from 1965 in the Bermuda Triangle (where an American fighter pilot supposedly encountered a spaceship) and government hush-up conspiracies.

The basic story is about a man breaking the lid off the government's UFO cover-up. This 1998 film brings back a lot of memories for me as I was always a big fan of PM Entertainment(Richard Pepin/Joseph Merhi), now thanks to Echo Bridge Home Entertainment it finally makes it to DVD. Whenever I seen the PM on the cover of the then VHS tape I knew it meant very cool 80's style action with lots of stuff being blown up and plenty of great car chases and The Sender is no exception to that. At the core it is a Sci Fi film but there is also loads of action to go along with it. The story could of been thought out a bit more but PM always stood for action like I stated before and it is action that you get here so if your looking to see some thought-provoking Sci Fi look elsewhere but if your looking for something entertaining to past a few hours time then The Sender is a perfect film for you. The cast is another big reason to see this film, who doesn't love Michael Madsen? The film also got R. Lee Ermey,Robert Vaughn and Dyan Cannon in it which is very impressive for a low-budget film. The Sender is a well done action flick with a Sci Fi twist and a wonderful cast that makes for solid entertainment, it is great to see Echo Bridge bringing some of these great Independent flicks to DVD. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****