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Cast: Kelly Hu,Stephen Weber,Jamie Ann Allman,William Lee Scott

Director: George Bessudo


Year: 2008


Farmhouse is a psychological thriller set in the modern day mid-west. We follow a young couple as they leave their everyday lives behind and head out to a new beginning; starting over from scratch. After becoming stranded in an isolated Wine Vineyard in the middle of nowhere, the young couple is forced to face the secrets they're running from, all the while trying to escape the malicious intent of the Vineyard mysterious inhabitants.

Farmhouse is what I like to call a "Busy" movie, there is a lot going on here and if your not paying attention you will certainly miss out on some clues along the way which gives you a heads up as to what dark past this young couple is running from and what awaits ahead for them. The less said here about the plot the better so not to ruin the film for everyone but I can say this is a good looking Independent horror/thriller with very high production values. The cast is solid including Jamie Ann Allman and William Lee Scott as the young couple trying to make a fresh start but the performances are stolen by the owners of the local farmhouse, played Kelly Hu and Steven Weber. Weber makes for a great psychopath and Kelly H is just as evil. The two seem friendly enough to the young couple even offering them a room for the night but it doesn't take long after the lights go to show their true intentions. This is one of the better horror films I have seen in awhile, it mixes a few genres like mystery and thriller with a twist that is as disturbing as it is effective with a shocking ending that will leave you thinking long after it is over. Farmhouse is a solid thriller with a devilish twist that draws you in and then drags you to the dark side. If you like the genre then I suggest you do not miss this clever,original and haunting horror film that delivers chills. Released by Monarch Home Video. **** Out Of *****