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The Perfect Sleep

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Cast: Patrick Bauchau, Roselyn Sanchez, Anton Pardoe, Cameron Daddo, Tony Amendola, Peter J. Lucas, Sam Thakur, Dominique Vandenberg

Director: Jeremy Alter

Genre:Action | Drama | Thriller

Year: 2009


Against the backdrop of a noirish dreamscape, a tortured man returns to the city he swore he would never return to, in order to save the woman he has always loved yet can never have.

I think everyone likes film noir and there has been many, some being classics well others end up being duds. The Perfect Sleep for me fell between those two, I found it to be an interesting take on the genre but it also had some flaws that keep it from being put among the great ones. The flaws are going to be minor to most people that watch movies so I would have to say most of you out there will find this to be an enjoyable film. The story is simple but there is also a lot going on, I got to say that if I went too deep into the story I would be giving too much away for those who have not seen the film so I am not going to give major details away here. I can say the film blends a classic film noir genre with not only some excellent gun fight scenes but it seems the bad guys have a number of martial artists on their side which I felt was a very nice addition to the story. The film demands your attention as it moves around a lot, like in the beginning you get to see who we think is the hero ready to take a beating but then the film jumps back years via flashbacks and only then are we introduced to the characters and what the story is all about.I love a good noir for the narration, if done right you just cannot beat the narrative that goes along with the movie and here it is used the whole way till the end and I got to say to my amazement it was effective. The female attraction to all this carnage is played by Roselyn Sanchez, her acting talents are not the best in Hollywood but she sure makes for some great eye-candy. Anton Pardoe plays our hero/narrator, he also wrote the film as well so I take it this was a labor of love for him. He does a nice job as the lead but I think a different actor could of made this character even better. The flaws in the film are not even big enough to mention here but instead I will say The Perfect Sleep is classic Noir with that something extra, it contains enough surprises and it brings some original ideas with it to make up for the flaws it has. If you like the genre I think you will eat this film up and if your just looking for something different to watch then I recommend this, just stick with it and you will be rewarded in the end. Oh and by the way the film is worth the price just to see is actor Tony Amendola as the heroes sidekick you might say, Dr. Sebastian. All I can see is he got a very different way of dealing with the bad guys and to me he was a major highlight of the entire film. Released by Magnolia Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****