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The Eden Formula

Sci-Fi NR. Hidden deep in the industrial district of downtown Los Angeles, Dr. Harrison Parker (JEFF FAHEY) has developed the “Eden Formula.” This new, revolutionary, cutting-edge technology can actually synthetically reproduce virtually ANY organism. AND IT DOES! Locked away in a subterranean vault is a prehistoric creature created by the scientists at Calgorin Industries to impress their stockholders. Unknown to Dr. Parker, his research has been used to genetically create a giant TYRANOSAURUS REX! When a group of industrial spies break into Calgorin Industries to try and steal the formula, they encounter more than they bargained for. Unwittingly they release the monster! In a race against time, Rhonda Shapton (DEE WALLACE-STONE), top executive at Calgorin Industries, and Dr. Parker try and stop the rampaging beast from it’s killing spree! I wasn't sure what to make of this film, it's advertised on the box-art as a T-Rex on the loose film but that takes a back seat to the bad guys looking for the formula action plot that is much better due to the fact that the creature just is not impressive at all, I guess they just didn't have the budget to create a better looking one but be warned it's about as fake as anything you have ever seen. On the ok side of the film, I like the cast including Tony Todd,Jeff Fahey and Dee Wallace Stone so that kinda helped out and making this at least watchable. There is alot of action and some gore along the way. I can only recommend this for one of those rainy days when your bored and got nothing else to do and my rating is only as good as it is due to the cast and the action plot that is much better than the T-Rex subplot that exists.Released by WestLake Entertainment. ** Out Of *****