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Killing Ariel

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Cast: Michael Brainard, Axelle Cummings, Joseph Gatt, Lauren Mary Kim, Shana Sosin

Director:Fred Calvert,David J. Negron Jr.


Year: 2009


Enchanted by lusty she-demon Ariel and lured to a remote house for a weekend of passion, happily married Rick tries to break free of the evil spell by killing the succubus, only to have the demon rise from the dead to keep him ensnared. Time and again Rick slays Ariel, who simply returns to life to continue her game. How can Rick escape a supernatural creature who refuses to die?

If you are familiar with MTI Video and the movies they release then you would agree that Killing Ariel would of fit nicely under their "Redrum" label, a horror film you never heard of before but one that is original and refreshing. Ariel offers alot that other movies today don't,even the big budget titles. First you got to hand it to Writer/Director,Fred Calvert, he has create a story filled with every horror fan's dreams and even more. You get it all here, suspense,dark humor,scares and lots of blood along the way. But you also get a clever and original story that grabs ahold of you from the opening scenes and never lets you go. There are plenty of twists along the way as well and do not worry about the times you might start scratching your head over something in the film you do not understand as all is explained as the film moves along. Killing Ariel is a low-budget horror flick that rises above its budget with a stellar story and a solid cast of unknowns that do a fantastic job playing their roles. The movie starts when the main character is a boy, sitting in his dark childhood room, and the parents screaming outside in the livingroom. He hears a shotgun go off. He lights a candle and opens the door, there he sees his mom with the dead father, she turns to the boy and shoots herself with the shotgun, then the demon reveals himself for the first time. Years later, he is older, and its his time to encounter the demon. The fright in this is the continuing hell that the demon creates for him, never letting him rest. I get to see a lot of Independent cinema, mainly horror and there are some very good flicks out there in this genre but you are going to have a hard time finding a better one than Killing Ariel. A perfect mix of humor,sex and horrific violence that is sure to please any fan of the genre. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****