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Body Armour

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Cast: Chazz Palminteri, Til Schweiger, Khan Bonfils, Cristina Brondo, Lluis Homar, Louis Decosta Johnson, Gustavo Salmeron

Director:Gerry Lively


Year: 2009


Bodyguard John Ridley gets a highly unappealing assignment when he's hired to protect formidable assassin Lee Maxwell, a man who wounded him and killed one of his clients years earlier. Although he has a job to do, Ridley vows to seek his revenge. But first, Maxwell needs to stay alive long enough to testify in a big trial.

Body Armour doesn't offer up anything new at all and it is like any other film in the genre but that doesn't stop it from being entertaining. I think the first that put this flick a step above all the other low-budget movies like it before is the cast. You have Til Schweiger as the retired veteran who is convinced to take one last job and you have the always fantastic, Chazz Palminteri as the ruthless assassin Lee Maxwell. Those two are reason enough to give this action flick a chance before even knowing the plot. The film is not without problems, it could of benefited from some better editing and directing for that matter as it seems uneven at times and the action scenes just do not get to the level of excitement I thought they could of. After-all there is plenty of other action flicks you can check out that are much better than this one but if your looking to past some time and are sick of some old box-office titles coming to DVD then I recommend checking this out for the cast alone and it should please most fans of action as well. Released by Image Entertainment. *** Out Of *****