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Behind The Wall

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Cast: Lindy Booth, James Thomas, Brad Hodder, Lawrence Dane & Suzie Pollard

Director:Paul Schneider


Year: 2009


When Katelyn Parks was a little girl she lived in a lighthouse with her parents, one day she went to the basement and seen her mother being murdered. Her father was convicted of the crime but not being able to handle it all he went mad over it and was committed to an asylum. Now years later developers have bought the lighthouse and Katelyn must go back to face her past but when people start showing up dead she must find out the truth behind her mother's murder and try and put a stop to it before more people die.

Behind The Wall is a mystery wrapped in a supernatural horror film that doesn't have to rely on fancy effects to be effective. Instead it tells Katelyn's story slowly, giving you a little bit of information at a time as the film moves along. The suspense builds as the story unfolds, pulling you into the Katelyn's world and putting you right there beside her as she attempts to find the answers to what has haunted her all these years. The cast here is terrific, led by the beautiful and talented Lindy Booth who plays Katelyn. Finding out information on this film is not an easy thing to do but to me it does seem to play out like a made for Television movie but I cannot be certain of that. Everything about the production is well done from the cinematography to the soundtrack, it all comes together creating an effective film. Like I stated before there is no fancy effects here just a good old fashion supernatural thriller that is cleverly written and directed, the suspense gets so thick as the film moves along you could cut it with a knife. I expected a good film when I seen this was from the writer of "Poltergeist" and I was not disappointed. I am not going to give away the whole story as I think this complex story needs to be seen and not told about to really enjoy it as it has some very nice twists along the way to keep you on the edge of your seat. Monarch Video will be releasing the film on DVD in August so I suggest you mark this one down on your calender as one to pick up when it comes out. Behind The Wall is a Supernatural Thriller that delivers on atmosphere and suspense and it will sends chills down your spine. A classic tale of evil that will stop at nothing for revenge. Classic horror that is very rare today and one I highly recommend. Released by Monarch Video. **** Out Of *****