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Powder Blue

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Cast: Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Jessica Biel, Kris Kristofferson, Patrick Swayze, Lisa Kudrow, Sanaa Lathan, Eddie Redmayne, Chandler Canterbury, Alejandro Romero

Director:Timothy Linh Bui


Year: 2009


Gritty stories of loss and redemption collide on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles, where a shy mortician falls for a single-mom stripper, and a desperate ex-priest forges an unlikely bond with a transsexual prostitute.

This movie is relentlessly depressing as we watch these four characters as their lives just continue to fall into a downward spiral. The film will remind you of both "Crash" and especially "The air I breathe" with its multiple stories. The film has gotten a lot of attention for Jessica Biel and her nude scenes in this movie which is terrific as she is simply a beautiful woman but the attention seemed to be taken away from the film itself and that is too bad because this is a very good drama with a terrific cast that really delivers. This is a film that everyone can relate to in some way, a film about having it all and losing it, suffering and the emotional pain that follows. You do not need to be rich to have a lot and the film is just as powerful for ordinary folk. The film displays a goodness that is in all of us and you get the message that no matter what happens you must keep moving on as the world and time itself wait for no one. Director, Timothy Linh Bui takes a structure similar to the films I mentioned above and creates a story that is original and clever. By looking at the cast list you would have to expect some good acting here and all I can say is your not going to be disappointed as each and everyone is simply outstanding. Powder Blue is a story of despair and love that is captivating and sensitive,it is a drama that will touch you in ways that will last long after the film has ended. When it was all said and none I found myself thinking about my own life as well as the characters I have just taken this journey with. The film is an emotional ride I was glad I went along with and one I highly recommend you taking as well. Released by Image Entertainment. **** Out Of *****