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Crazy Girls Undercover

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Cast: Clive Robertson, Nikki Ziering, and Simona Fusco

Director:Chris Langman


Year: 2009


Upon discovering the terrorist who murdered his family is building a massive bomb, Las Vegas gentlemen's club owner and former CIA agent Damon Archer enlists his glamorous showgirls to help stop the madman. Now the undercover beauties must use all their skills to defy the odds and stop the madness.

A "Bondish" Type action flick with hot women, what more can a man ask for? Nothing so I was eager to give this new film from Monarch Video a watch and over-all I was not disappointed. Clive Robertson does an great job playing the ultra-cool Damon Archer, who moonlights as an "uberBond" when the CIA needs him. His cover is owner of a nude dance troupe at the Riviera, how cool would that be. The female actors all handle their roles fine as well and are great eye-candy. The film doesn't offer anything really new but it is still fun with lots of action and excitement as well as a cool soundtrack as well. There is a little nudity but Director, Chris Langman did a good job not over doing it, yes you guys there is a point where too much of it is as bad as not enough:) For a low-budget action flick I think this one will entertain any fan of the genre who is looking for something enjoyable that doesn't require him to think much. Crazy Girls Undercover is a fast-paced film that delivers on what it promises and there are not many big budget movies out that can say they do the same. I recommend picking this film up along with some popcorn and you are sure to have as much fun as I did watching it. Released by Monarch Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****