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Cast: DMX,Wes Brown,Louis Herthum,Lauren Fain,Brendan Aguillard

Director:Amir Valinia


Year: 2009


After reckless teenagers kill his beloved wife in a hit-and-run accident, Alan Cade makes it his mission to exact revenge. His plan? To use the mystical Kulev Stick he filched as a child to unleash a supernatural snake with a deadly appetite. But when he loses control of his serpentine creation, Cade seeks out a Special Forces veteran with a knack for destruction to help him hunt it down.

This went under the original title of "Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent" but for the U.S. DVD release they changed the title which I think is more suitable. There has been many movies out about giant snakes since "Anaconda", everyone has been of the low budget type and Carnivorous is no different. The main attraction here is DMX, those that are into rap music and such will want to check this out but sadly I felt he was pretty much the worse part of the movie, he certainly is not much of an actor but to each their own I suppose. The film doesn't offer anything original or different from past movies like it but I wasn't expecting that so to me that was never an issue. I have always been a sucker for these type of movies, you see a lot like this on the Sci-Fi Channel. The acting here isn't great but most of the actors do a decent job with the material they were given. Carnivorous is a standard "Creature Feature" type film with effects you expect to see in a low budget film but if you know what your in for going into it then the cheese is not a problem. Over-all if your looking for some big budget effects I suggest you stay away and watch something else but if your looking for something to past some time with then this will certainly do the trick, I have seen a lot worse just don't expect too much from it and you will be fine. Released by North American Motion Pictures. ** 1/2 Out Of *****