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Brother's War

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Cast: Olivier Gruner, Harley Carr, Hugh Daly, Tino Struckmann

Director:Jerry Buteyn

Genre:Dramas, Action/Adventure, War

Year: 2009


Near the end of World War II, British Officer Pearman discovers a secret Russian plot that could alter the course of history. To warn the Allied forces, Pearman must team up with a German captain and escape from scores of deadly Russian soldiers.

Based on true events this film is action packed but as well as being story driven and one you must pay close attention to or later in the film you are going to to completely lost. The film is historically accurate as well as being an exciting film to watch. I was very impressed with the production, the uniforms, weapons, tanks ect.. were all fantastic looking and realistic. The film takes a look at WW2 not from the war side as much as from the human side, the German soldiers are shown from their human side that shows not all were Nazis. Brother's War is a fact based war film that demands your attention while keeping you captivated as well as entertained. The film has great direction and the script is well-written.The cast delivers at making their characters very realistic and actor does a great job here. If your a fan of the war genre I highly suggest you pick this film up as its one of the most engrossing and enjoyable movies I have seen in some time. Plus as a bonus you learn a lot along the way making this a not to be missed film. Released by MTI Video. **** Out *****