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If I Die Tonight

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Cast: Amadou Daillo, Al Sharpton, Maureen King, Sean Bell and the NY City Police Department



Year: 2009


"No Justice!" "No Peace!" "No Justice!" "No Peace!". This rising chant from the streets has escalated in answer to the seemingly endless incidents of police brutality throughout this great nation. If I Die Tonight started following the shooting of Amadou Diallo by 4 members of the NY City Police Department Street Crimes Unit as filmmaker Seyi heard chants on the street from heartbroken and enraged voices. He quickly realized there are two sides to every story and that the truth is often found where you least expect it. From Diallo's sorrowful father lamenting that he is now the victim of police brutality to Maureen King, the widow of slain NY police sergeant Patrick King musing how life changes in a split second. Violence on the streets continues in the streets throughout America triggered by racial profiling and ignorance. This is a look at the system that allows these enigmas to exist and persist, as seen through the lives and stories of those who live on both sides of an impenetrable divide.

This is a Documentary that is not very entertaining but that wasn't the goal from the film-makers here. If I Die Tonight is about victims of police brutality and the people that are fighting to have those responsible made to paid for what they did. The most famous case looked at here is the death of Amadou Diallo, an African immigrant who was killed by New York City police officers, who mistook the unarmed man's wallet for a gun, and shot at him 41 times. Unbelievable as it might sound this sort of thing happens a lot and If I Die Tonight takes a look at this from both sides of the spectrum not really making a statement but giving the audience the facts and letting you decide on what is right and what is wrong. The film has maybe interviews with parents of the victims as well as people from both sides of the issue, those that are for enforcing the law no manner the cost and those that are against this kind of violence by those who swore to protect them. This is certainly a tough subject matter to tackle but an important one as well but I have to say if you are looking for something entertaining to watch this might not do it as this deals with a disturbing subject that seems to be a major problem in our country today. If you like movies that deal with real subject matter and forces you to think then this is a must see film. If I Die Tonight is a film that challenges you to think a lot and come up with your own feelings. A thought-provoking and intelligent film that see as shocking as it is important. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****