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The Devil's Ground

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Cast: Daryl Hannah, Jeb Beach, John Comer, Leah Gibson, Maria Gruending

Director: Michael Bafaro


Year: 2009


Carrie Mitchell is suddenly swept into a world of terror when a blood-soaked young woman stumbles in front of her car and relates a horrific tale of a murderous rampage at an Indian burial ground, in this indie thriller directed by Michael Bafaro. Now, it's up to Carrie to deliver the girl to safety as the psychotic killer who slaughtered her companions pursues them.

The Devil's Ground AKA "Cycle" stars Darryl Hannah as Carrie a woman that seems to be a good Samaritan at first but it turns out she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the young woman begins to tell Carrie what had happened, that her four friends were murdered you can't help but wonder how did she manage to get away and the others were not so lucky. This is one example of the suspense that awaits you, you do find out later in the film but along the way it is fun getting there. The cast is very good and their characters are ones you care about which is rare in any horror film today. I got the sense that there might of been a sequel in mind here as it seems to have left a little bit out at the end or the writer just couldn't finish the story the way he might of wanted to. Either way its a horror film and you cannot expect anything ground breaking or life changing here, the film has a lot of the right elements to make it entertaining including action,killings,acting that is above average and some very good suspense and twists that keep you glued to your seat waiting to see what happens next. If your a fan of horror/thrillers then I recommend you picking this new flick up today, it is certainly better than a lot of what has been in theaters lately. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Lightning Media. *** 1/2 Out Of *****