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How to be a Serial Killer

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Cast: Dameon Clarke, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ryan Smith, Laura Regan

Director:Luke Ricci


Year: 2009


Mike Wilson is an intelligent, charming man with morals but he does have one flaw, Mike is a serial killer. One day Mike goes into a local video store and he witnesses the clerk, Bart being harassed but a customers who isn't very nice. Mike approaches Bart and asks him if he felt like killing the customer, that was the beginning of a long relationship between teacher and pupil. Mike then begins to show Bart the ins and outs of his craft including how many ways you can kill someone, getting rid of the bodies and even a getaway plan. Things being to take a turn for the worst when Mike's girlfriend discovers the truth about him and he is forced to kill her inside his apartment. Now the two men must kill or be caught by the long arm of the law.

Anyone might think from the title that is was just another slice and dice serial killer flick but once inside you get a film that is much more than just that. First off Mike is a man that follows his own guidelines, like never to kill a handicapped person or rape a female victim and never kill an animal but don't let that fool you he is a cold blooded killer. How to be a Serial Killer does have similarities to other movies like "Mr. Brooks" and "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vern" which were both very good movies in their own right but HTBASK brings originally to the table as well. This is one of the more cleverly written scripts I have seen brought to film, it is cold,satanic and darkly hilarious. some of Mike's one-liners had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. The film has razor-sharp dialogue to go along with the scenes of violence and both blend together making for one highly entertaining movie. The cast could not be better, Dameon Clarke is amazing as Mike, he takes the lead role and runs with it,he becomes the charcter. Both him and Matthew Gray Gubler as Bart have great chemistry together and make their characters believable. The film also has veteran actor,George Wyner as Dr. Goldberg, his job in the film like all the characters is to express their thoughts in a interview type setting and it not only works great for him but for all the characters also giving the film a whole other dimension. There has been others in this genre that had both the gore and humor but none have been as thought provoking as this one. The documentary style side scenes really gets you thinking about what is going on inside Mike's head. How to be a Serial Killer is going to get a theatrical run between July 17th to September and the DVD will follow in October. You are going to have a hard time finding a better film this summer even among the blockbuster titles that will be hitting theaters. Brutal,funny and highly original, How to be a Serial Killer is one of those rare gems you never heard of but soon will. I suggest running to see this film if there are showings in your area this summer. I tip my hat to Writer and first time Director, Luke Ricci for such a clever and ambitious effort and I look forward to more his his work in the future. Released by Monterey Media. **** Out Of *****

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