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Geisha Assassin

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Cast: Minami Tsukui,Nao Nagasawa, Masaki Nomura

Director:Go Ohara

Genre:Action/Adventure/Martial Arts

Year: 2009


Armed with a powerful sword that's been closely guarded for many years, a stunningly beautiful geisha named Kotomi (Minami Tsukui) embarks on a dangerous new career path as an assassin in search of her father's murderer in this action drama from Japan. But as she combs the countryside in search of her nemesis, she comes face to face with a formidable lineup of other worthy opponents, including some of Japan's most ferocious female killers.

Geisha Assassin AKA "Geisha vs. Ninjas" is a low budget Samurai flick from Japan. This is from the same people that made "Death Trance" which I enjoyed so I was looking forward to this even if he looks to have a even lower budget. I got to say from a film I never heard of before this is a very entertaining Asian flick with anime like fight scenes and great swordsplay as well as hand to hand battles as well. The film makers seem to have taken the time to make their fight scenes more involved and it paid off. The original name had Ninjas in it and the film does too but they are not the only ones this Geisah has to face, there is also monks, demons, tribal women, and samurai along the way keeping the viewers eyes glued to the screen. I have always been a fan of Asian cinema and like any country they have their good and bad movies but for what this is I think it rose above it's limitations and turned out to be a much better film than maybe it should of been. There is a certain audience for these kinda movies but if you are part of it then I think you will be as surprised and pleased as I was by this fun and energetic film. Released by Well Go USA Inc. **** Out Of *****