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The Lost Samaritan

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Cast: Ian Somerhalder,Ruta Gedmintas, Oliver Debuschewitz,David Scheller

Director:Thomas Jahn


Year: 2009


William Archer was just being a Good Samaritan when he pulled a stranger from a roadside car crash and brought him to the hospital to save his life. But he had no idea he was messing with a murder plot carried out by a pair of crooked FBI agents. Now, with the killers on his tail, William's own life is in serious danger -- and another FBI agent appears to be his only ally.

The trailer looked pretty good on these action flick so I was eager to take a look. This flick tells the Story of a clerk by the name of William Archer, who works hard at his job as an accountant and gets very little in return. Ian Somerhalder is very good in the lead and is the best actor in the film but there is also some more very interesting characters along the way. I am not going to go into that as I think it is best that you watch the film to find out for yourself. The title pretty much says it all and this story line has been done many times before but the execution is very good and Director, Thomas Jahn, who also co-wrote the script did a fine good at keeping the film moving at a brisk pace. There is some good suspense along the way and even if it is predictable it still manages to draw you in and at times have you at the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next. I recommend this to any fan of the genre or if your just looking for something different from the usual cinema movies being released now. The Lost Samaritan brings enough to the table to make for an entertaining hour and a half, you could certainly do much worse. Released by Well Go USA Inc. *** 1/2 Out Of *****