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Cast: Perry Poston, Nick Endres, Michael Reddy, Anthony Elfonzia, Martez Howard, Luis Cardet, Elina Burgos and Elimu Nelson

Director:Marquette Williams


Year: 2009


For foster parents Sam and Doris Hickle this sunny fall morning started as any other day until the doorbell rang. Thinking that new foster children were being dropped off they open the door into a nightmare A masked man who takes them hostage! The man is searching for Donnie, Doris' twin brother and revealing unspeakable truths. As the family races to find Donnie, Sam and Doris come to realize that everything horrific does not hide behind a mask.

Director, Marquette Williams is a native of Cleveland,Ohio and he traveled to his hometown to film his newest movie Unspeakable. He also uses local talent to fill out his cast and each actor including the children do a terrific job of making their characters believable. Filmed on a low budget the film depends on a well written story to draw the viewer in and it gives you plenty to think about as it slowly unravels. When the masked man makes his home invasion is when we begin to find out why he is there and what he wants. To give too much of the story away would ruin it for anyone wanting to see this film but I can say the time frames jump around giving us the story of what happened and why this man is doing this to a seemingly normal family. The film reveals some of the darkest sides of humanity that is disturbing to think about. The film will draw you in from the opening scenes and will have you gasping for breath waiting to see what happens next. The cinematography is fantastic and it plays a big role in creating the film's atmosphere using close-up shots as well as wider, more space revealing shots that help set the mood of each scene. This is a young Director that has a lot of talent and one I hope to see a lot more of in the very near future. Unspeakable is a gripping thriller that will please any fan of the genre or anyone looking for something different to watch. I got to say I enjoyed this thriller that delivers on story,tension and style, Independent Cinema doesn't get any better than this. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****