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Cast: Ross Patterson,Tara Reid,Clayne Crawford,Ray Wise

Director:Tommy Reid


Year: 2009


Realizing that his chances of becoming a movie star are increasingly slim, aspiring actor Ross Vegas turns his focus to bowling, and before long he's anointed as the PBA's newest rising star.

Hollywood has used the sport of bowling before to get laughs like the movies, The Big Lebowski and Kingpin and their at it again this time with Strike. The film starts off pretty good with Ross whose dreams of becoming a big time actor seem to going nowhere so him and his buddy come up with this idea to join a bowling tournament to get rich quit. So Ross his friend Mike and his girlfriend with her name changed to Lil Reno begin their quest. The two male leads Ross Patterson and Clayne Crawford had great chemistry together and Tara Reid is always nice to look at and does a fine job as well playing the girlfriend. The film is not without its lessons which I will not get into here or else I will be telling the whole story here. The film itself doesn't really offer up anything new, it is pretty much like every other sports comedy but there was a lot of random one liners and stoner moments that I found to be pretty funny and the light drama tossed it helps even out the story and gives it some meaning. Over all Strike is nowhere near the comedy the two films I mentioned above are but those kind of movies only come around every once in a blue moon but if your looking for something light to get some laughs from and just relax without having to think very much then Strike will more than do the trick, it is a fun comedy that delivers on what is promised. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****