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The Boxer

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Cast: Joshua Dallas,Henry Garrett,Kelly Adams,Stacy Keach

Director:Thomas Jahn


Year: 2009


All Ben Wilson wants is to be a better man. So when he hooks up with Joe Miller, a cantankerous old boxing trainer, he finally gets his chance. Preparing for a title-qualifying bout against The Butcher -- the sadistic bully who once nearly crippled him -- Ben hopes to win fame, fortune and the girl he loves. For in today's world, there's only one way to get what you really want: you've got to fight for it!

The Boxer is about a young man who is trying to get his life back on track after getting out of prison after crippling his stepfather who was abusing his mother. He soon learns life on the outside isn't easy either when he goes to see his mom and she wants nothing to do with him. On top of that he finds himself homeless and hungry and all alone. When he spots a local boxing gym and a sign that they are hiring a cleaner he decides to go and apply. The gym owner at first doesn't want to hire him telling him he is not the right person for the job but that evening when he finds the young man sitting on the steps of the gym freezing he decides to take him in. This two characters soon find a common bond, each struggles with demons from their past so they relate to each other and it slowly builds to not only respect but a friendship.I have to say the film doesn't really offer up anything new that other boxing movies haven't done before but it does have a decent story and good character development. The cast are all very good including Joshua Dallas as Ben, a young man who just wants to make a better life for himself and not have too fight anyone ever again. There is also Henry Garrett as Kevin as the gym's best fighter and the one person that gets under the skin of Ben which in the end forces him to confront his past once and for all. In every film there is that love interest and this is no different, Kelly Adams plays Natalie, the girlfriend of Kevin who after meeting Ben realizes the man is she with is the wrong one and her and Ben form a love interest. Lastly you have the veteran actor, Stacy Keach as the gym owner and former boxer himself,Joe. Stacy brings the film to another level with his great acting and on-screen presence. I enjoyed the story and the pace was good. The boxing scenes could of been staged a little better I felt but they worked well considering this is a low-budget movie filmed in a short period of time. If your a fan of boxing movies like "Rocky" or just looking for a good drama and something different from the mainstream titles then I suggest picking The Boxer up, it is an entertaining film that offers up some good lessons in life. Released by Image Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****