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Train Master

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Cast: Michael Biesanz, Jonathan Hall, Elijah Nelson, Mercedes Rose

Director:Michael Feifer

Genre:Family, Drama, Adventure

Year: 2008


62 year old Jeremiah Wilson is truly the Train Master of Willamette Western Railroad. He lives, breaths, and eats railroad. When Brett Banner, 32 year old heir to New York Eastern talks his dad into purchasing Willamette Western, there is immediately a clash between himself and Jeremiah. Jeremiah is fired by Brett two years from retirement and turns into a angry, depressed grandfather. When Brett's nine year old son Justin realizes Jeremiah's grandson Thomas can drive a locomotive, he kidnaps and holds Thomas' favorite dinosaur ransom. Justin, Thomas and 3 other children board an old engine in for repairs and accidentally turns it into runaway engine causing a chain reaction of events.

This family adventure gained a lot of attention when it hit the Festival circuit and garnered some awards which were well earned. The story will appeal to both adults and to kids and it also serves up some lessons that everyone can learn from but for kids it is that you should listen to what your parents tell you and stay out of trouble which can apply to everyone in every situation. The film has a great cast as well as nice settings and soundtrack. The children do a great job in their roles, I was really impressed and look forward to seeing more of them in the future. The film has a nice mixture of drama and adventure and the pace keeps the film moving along very nicely. Director, Phil Bransom's tribute to his own son that died in an accident a year before and who was a lover of trains. You can see the dedication he had making this film and it certainly paid off as this is a family gem that can be enjoyed by everyone. This is a must own for parents but even if you do not have little kids around they child in all of us will have you enjoying this as well. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****