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O Jerusalem

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Cast: JJ Feild, Said Taghmaoui, Ian Holm, Tom Conti, Tovah Feldshuh, Patrick Bruel, Maria Papas, Mel Raido

Director:Elie Chouraqui


Year: 2006


On the streets of New York City in 1946, Jewish-American Bobby Goldman (JJ Feild) becomes best friends with Arab-Muslim Saïd Chahine (Saïd Taghmaoui). But when British-controlled Palestine erupts in war, these two intelligent and compassionate men will find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the historic battle for Jerusalem – the divided holy land whose name literally translates to ‘City Of Peace’.

This is a cinema retelling of the Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre's sprawling 1972 docu-novel about the birth of Israel around a sorely tested friendship between a Jew and an Arab. For anyway to express their feelings about this film would be hard because there is politics involved and once that happens everyone has an opinion on which side was right and which was wrong so I suggest you just see for film for yourself and judge the events. I will focus on the film itself which is a war/drama/romance with a little of all three mixed together making it more mellow then action packed but there is a good story here and if you are not real familiar with what happened then I think you can learn some things as well as being entertained. The film has great production values including cinematography,settings and the musical score. Also it benefits from a stellar cast as well. This is one film that not everyone is going to like, in fact there will be some that it angers and disappoints but that goes back to the politics I talked about above. But if you want to see a film with a brilliant script that tries to touch the human triumph and tragedies of the 1948 war with a superb cast that will make you shed a tear then you are going to be as entertained as I was. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****