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One-Eyed Monster

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Cast:Ron Jeremy, Amber Benson, Veronica Hart, Charles Napier, Carmen Hart

Director:Adam Fields


Year: 2009


In February 2007, ten people went to the remote mountains of Northern California to shoot an adult movie. What happened next was something no one expected, but everyone saw coming. Amber Benson, Charles Napier, and Ron Jeremy star in an homage to "Alien", "The Thing", and porn.

As crazy as it might sound the above pretty much sums up what this film is all about so if you are easily offended I suggest you avoid even knowing about this flick. What can one say about this film, it is a zany comic homage that takes the male organ to a new level. The cast is fantastic from Ron Jeremy to Veronica Hart and to Charles Napier who really delivers a military story like only he could, it is hilarious. I have never laughed out loud at a movie like I did with this in a very long time, this is a clever,comic gem to say the least. There are a few dry spells in the film but mostly and right from the start its a laugh a minute. The effects for a Independent film were very well done and like I said before the cast was terrific and they all looked like they had a great time making this movie. Writer/Director,Adam Fields gets big props for making this soon to be cult classic, he did a wonderful job keeping the film moving at a brisk pace while all along keeping the laughs coming. I didn't find anything really scary about it but I was too busy busting a gut but there may of been a few jump scares along the way but first and foremost this is a comedy. You know by now this is an adult film and not one the kids should be around but with some buddies,beers and some popcorn this will be a riot. One-Eyed Monster steps up to the plate and drives it out of the park and good old Ron Jeremy delivers as usual. A must own DVD for anyone looking for adult,off the wall, drop dead fun. The copy I received was bare bones but the official DVD comes loaded with special features that include:

Screen Format Note: Widescreen 16:9


Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

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Released by Liberation Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****