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The Gray Man

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Cast: Patrick Bauchau, Jack Conley, John Aylward, Jillian Armenante

Director:Scott L. Flynn


Year: 2009


Based on a true story of an obsessive manhunt to identify and capture the most monstrous, yet least known serial killer in the history of true crime in America Albert Fish. In 1928, a 10 year old, Grace Budd, is abducted by a kindly old grandfather and never seen again. After scouring the country for 6 years, detectives finally arrest Albert Fish for her kidnapping but are unprepared for the horrors they are about to uncover. This is the story of a real life Hannibal Lector.

There has been many movies made about the history of certain Serial Killers from our past but this one is one of the best I have ever seen. This is a Detective story with a period piece background giving it a film-noir feel that works both in style and visually. The story is about Albert Fish, the most monstrous yet least known serial killer in the history of true crime in America. This man was a real monster that makes Hollywood's Hannibal look like a good guy. Albert is a sick,twisted person that like so many might of seemed normal from the outside. He was married numerous times and had six children which is raised on his own when his wife took off with another man. Director, Scott L. Flynn does a fantastic job putting you right there in time with all the characters, he makes the audience a part of the story which really had me involved. Patrick Bauchau is excellent as Albert Fish and Jack Conley is just as impressive as Detective King. The film had a modest budget but you would never know that by watching it, The cinematography and set designs are top-notch and really make the film a classic. The Gray Man is a disturbing story with a solid script and well-developed characters, it isn't gory or violent but it doesn't need to be. If you like true-life stories like this one I highly recommend picking this DVD up today, it is a sad,tragic story that gets under your skin but it also keeps you on the edge and entertained. Released by Monarch Video. ***** Out Of *****