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Dog Days of Summer

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Cast: Will Patton, Devon Gearhart, Colin Ford, Richart Herd, Gregory Alan Williams, Wayne Crawford

Director:Mark Freiburger


Year: 2009


As Phil Walden wanders the streets of his deserted hometown, the memories of a fateful childhood summer return. The summer he grew up. The summer that turned this once idyllic paradise upside down. The summer the stranger came to town. This stranger doesn't beg for change, peddle ointments or speak soothe, Eli Cottonmouth builds models - enchanting models, and this sleepy southern town will be the perfect subject. His charm bewitches the townsfolk. His intentions concern the town fathers. And his secrecy captivates two curious boys. As Eli works to re-create the true essence of the community, the boys act as his eyes and ears. Armed with his ancient camera, they snap vignettes of small town life. But, shot-by-shot, Eli changes the way they look at the town. Childish wonderment turns to despair as the boys' eyes open to the true nature of the world around them. That understanding, and Eli's hidden purpose, threaten the existence of the entire town.

A Coming of Age film you will not soon forget is the best way I can describe this movie. Eli Cottonmouth has mystery about him as well as as what seems to be a sinister side. He charms the people enough to get hired to build a miniature of their lovely town for their 250th year celebration. Eli enlists the help of two young boys to take pictures of the town since they could get to places he couldn't. What starts out as something amazing for the boys soon takes a turn as they begin to see the town and it's folk for what they really are. When your young you tend to believe what you see in front of you as being the real deal but there comes a time when you begin to see them for what they really are and for the two boys Eli and the camera provided that. There is certainly a lot to like in this Dove approved film which means your 12-year-olds can also sit and watch this film as well. There is a fantastic story here that slowly builds on it's mystery and only reveals it at the right time, for that the direction was also brilliant. The characters are fascinating, they are well-written and thought out. The cast is another highlight with everyone doing a wonderful job but Will Patton steals the show as Eli, it is as if he was born to play this role. The settings and music in the film are also a perfect match for the story. Every once in a long time a movie comes along that is something special, something different and more intriguing than anything else you have seen in a very long time and this is that film. If you looking for some mainstream film that leads you nowhere stay clear and rent something else but if your looking for an eye-opening,thought-provoking film then Dog Days of Summer is a must own. Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****