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Cast: Theo Maassen, Pieter Embrechts, Karst Woudstra, and Flip Filz

Director:Pieter Kuijpers


Year: 2008


A med student, a teenage runaway, a lawyer, a drag queen, a high school basketball player, a drug dealer, and a teacher all cross paths in the Ecstasy-riddled L.A. underground party scene. Rolling is a turbulent journey that takes a tough yet entertaining look at this unique drug phenomenon. With the pace and style of a documentary, Rolling captures the essence of Ecstasy culture, exposing the delicate balance of relationships and responsibilities with chasing this drug-induced euphoria.

Rolling is about the underground party scene in L.A. and the heavy use of the drug Ecstasy. The setting is L.A. bu it could easily be anywhere in the world for that matter. The film was written and directed by Billy Samoa Saleebey and I think he did a pretty good job for a first time effort and look forward to seeing some more work from him the future. The film is played out so it is not a true documentary but more of an improv of what might happen or be said by those that do use this drug. One thing that the film has going for it is the 16mm filming which I thought helped give the over-all effect of the drug to the viewer which was a plus here and really helped at getting across what the film makers wanted. The cast is mostly made up of unknowns which might of been intentional to give it the real docu-feel that they was looking for as well but I think they would of been better served at going after the real thing and at least trying to come up with answers to some of the more important questions a lot of people might have like is the drug addictive and does it spawn more drug use later. Still this is a very interesting film and will open a lot of eyes to it's heavy use that many might not be aware of while still remaining entertaining enough for you to enjoy. It has taken this film a few years to find its way to DVD but it is a welcome addition and one I not only enjoyed but I also learned some things along the way and that is never a bad thing. Released by Indican Pictures. *** 1/2