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Fatal Rescue

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Cast: Steve Guttenberg,

Director:Stephen Manuel


Year: 2008


A catastrophe happens on the day before Emilie s and Jacob s divorce: their son Toby falls into a hidden well while playing in the woods - the wood of lost souls , as legend calls it. Firefighter Mike Emilie s childhood love tries to rescue Toby. But what seems simple at first turns out to be impossible, Toby is trapped in the deep well and after a fierce rainfall the water rises higher and higher, threatening to drown him. Time is mercilessly running out! In spite of this life-threatening situation, Jacob and Mike can t hide their contempt for each other, they clash repeatedly. After intensive research Jacob discovers an old tunnel system dating back more than 100 years, which seems to link up with the well. For the first time the two men must leave their mutual contempt behind and work together as a team to rescue the injured boy. Just when the rescue operation seems to be successful, a dark harrowing secret from the past is tragically unveiled.

You know Steve Guttenberg from the "Cocoon" series and the "Police Academy" series of movies as well but you may of never seen him in a drama/thriller like this before. Steve is a very talented actor and he does a great job at playing the ex-husband and father of the boy that has fallen down the well. The rest of the cast is pretty average and I felt the boy could of been better cast but he does an ok enough job here. The story is simple, at least at first as it basically is about trying to get the boy out of the well before he drowns from the rising waters but there are hidden screts that haunt several character's past but towards the end of the movie is when the film takes a different turn and it leads to some nice twists along the way well also explaining some questions from earlier in the film about certain the characters. Certainly not a masterpiece but Fatal Rescue is a good film about redemption and Mr. Guttenberg holds up his end very well and it is nice to see him again on the screen. If your looking for something different from the normal movies that are coming out in theaters today I suggest picking this one up it certainly is entertaining. *** 1/2 Out Of *****